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Smartkarma Reaches News Heights

The way we work and interact with each other is arguably the most profound revolutionary change any of us will experience in our lifetimes. It promises to reshape cities, transportation systems, communications, entertainment and workplaces.  The seed of this revolution was planted more than 25 years ago now, perhaps when the public first started to […]

Smartkarma receives independent third party validation from Celent – Research as a Service is the future!

Independent research house, Celent, has recently published a report on MiFID II, research unbundling and the future of investment research. In the report, John Dwyer, Senior analyst at Celent evaluates the current provision of investment research and what the future may look like. Vitally, his focus is not on the problems associated with trying to […]

Investment insight 2017: MIFID II and new approach in the research industry

There will be some big changes ahead for the capital markets industry, stemming from changes in the research industry in 2017. Not only will the creation, distribution and consumption of research evolve, but this will cause changes in the underlying infrastructures of investment banks, brokers and asset managers too. Unbundling research from trading commissions is […]

Independents on the Rise: Spotlight on Asia

  Progress toward unbundling of payments for execution and other broker services is gaining traction in Asia. In a recent article published on, UBS called the unbundling of commissions the “next big thing” in Asian equities, citing the 150 participants that recently attended its conference in Hong Kong as evidence of keen interest in […]

MiFID II: The True Cost of Research Unbundling

The implementation of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) in January 2018 means that firms operating within the European Union will be forced to spend much of next year preparing a strategy for the new regulatory landscape. MiFID II compliance issues have been widely discussed by the financial press in recent months, […]

The Changing Investment Research Landscape – It’s Not Just MiFID

While unbundling of research and execution has gotten a lot of attention in the wake of MiFID II, the regulation isn’t the only driver shaking up the investment research sector. But research will be consumed in a completely different manner, and competition among providers will increase as asset managers become more selective about what they […]

Does the Future of Investment Research Lay in the Cloud?

The landscape for technological transformation is experiencing another major paradigm shift, and the “cloud” is the latest buzzword. Put simply, cloud computing is computing done online. In the past, users would run applications from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, whereas cloud computing allows them to access apps through the […]

Investors: Are CSAs dead?

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its third consultation paper last week on the implementation of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFIDII), a rulebook that will rewrite Europe’s trading rules top to bottom. The third consultation paper focuses on a number of business of conduct issues, designed to make the financial markets […]

Collaboration: What We’ve Learnt Has Implications Beyond Smartkarma

At Smartkarma, we pride ourselves on our community’s unmatched level of collaboration and our ecosystem of seasoned analysts, cooperating from across the globe to debate and provide unconflicted research insight into Asian markets. We talk about what a unique resource this level of collaboration is to our readers. Smartkarma isn’t like other research providers in […]

Equity Research in 2017: A Buyer’s Guide

The European investment research market is expected to experience disruption and fragmentation in 2017 ahead of MIFIDII’s implementation in January 2018. Equity research buyers will need to rethink their existing research management processes to ensure they are ready to comply with the new rules. In this piece we outline everything that buyers need to know […]

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