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The Biggest Winners and Losers of the NAND Flash Crash

NAND flash prices are in freefall, which could severely impact semiconductor manufacturers. The electronics sector is poised for a boost in profit margins.

Bringing International Investors to Your Doorstep

In a post-MiFID II world, CorpXSasia and Smartkarma are partnering to improve Corporate Access by bringing together Investor Relations teams, Insight Providers, and institutional buy-side.

Making IR Contact Details Easier to Find

Smartkarma C-Suite’s next step toward helping institutional investors discover and engage with corporate Investor Relations departments.

Rohinee Sharma: The Time Has Come to Redefine Independent Research

Investory CEO Rohinee Sharma shares how her company keeps a finger on the pulse of the market to identify promising stocks that others may miss.

Angus Mackintosh: Gaining Independence with Smartkarma

Independent Research Provider Angus Mackintosh shares his views on focusing on specific areas of specialisation, and the benefits of independent work.

Andrew Stotz: Providing Unique Quantitative Research

Instead of relying on traditional investment research practices, Andrew contributes Insights to the Smartkarma platform with his unique quantitative method.

Raghav Kapoor: The Power of Smartkarma’s Platform

Smartkarma CEO Raghav Kapoor shares his advice for aspiring Independent Research Providers and his view on what makes a true online platform.

How Gregory Yap from Sunpower Group is taking Investor Relations to the Next Level

Gregory Yap, Investor Relations at Sunpower Group, shares on his challenges and the C-Suite Platform.

DM Wenceslao IPO Preview: Conspicuous Growth

DM Wenceslao is an integrated property developer in Philippines listing on PSE this Friday. Learn more about the IPO before investing.

Uxin IPO: A Struggling Leader

China’s largest used car e-commerce platform, Uxin, is listing today on NASDAQ.

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