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Meet the Nemesis of ASEAN’s Golden Age: Bad Governance

While ASEAN has a lot going for it, member states can achieve a lot more if governments and private corporations get their houses in order.

Invest in Relationships That Last the Downturns

Building and maintaining relationships are of foremost importance for performing any “Investor Relations” role. They can make or break a company.

Investors Want To Jump Aboard a Self-driving Car but the Tech Still Has Some Way to Go

The market is loving GM’s latest drastic cuts to focus on EV and autonomous vehicles. But the road is anything but smooth.

Investor Relations: How to Win Friends and Alienate Spammers

Investor Relations personnel are cautious about sharing their direct email addresses, lest they get overwhelmed with spam. But they might be missing out on genuine interest from investors and analysts.

Why ESG Investing Must Move Beyond the PR Stunts and Greenwashing

Investment managers want consistent returns. But how compatible is that desire with the core tenets of ESG-led investment strategies?

Pharmaceuticals Farming Out R&D Is a Golden Opportunity for This Chinese Firm’s IPO

WuXi AppTec is primed for a $1b IPO in Hong Kong, riding on China’s biotech wave and the shift to pharmaceutical research outsourcing.

Trade War Series: Trump Started It, But China Gave Him Every Reason To

Smartkarma discusses how IP theft and China’s pursuit of mercantilism have indelibly contributed to escalating the US-China trade feud.

With a $1bn Market Value, the Global eSports Market Isn’t Playing Around

Over 200 million viewers watched the finals of the “World Cup of eSports” this year, most of them coming from China. ESports are going strong into 2019.

Set the Record Straight: How Better Access Helps Curb Misconceptions About Your Company

Negative news on companies can sometimes stem from misconceptions. Reduce the spread of misinformation by improving corporate access.

How Independent Research Can Help You Make the Right Call on Tesla

Unbiased and diverse viewpoints drawn from independent investment research lead to more informed investment decisions on Tesla.

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